The Zola Initiative aims to be an early preventative measure to veteran’s suicide, by connecting veterans in their communities and building a strong, local, accessible support system.

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Commit suicide each day in the U.S.



More than are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan



The mission of the Zola Initiative has four main goals:

  1. Grant funds to build veterans centers on college campuses across the country

  2. Host veteran outreach events to connect veterans with other veterans and resources in communities across the country

  3. Grant scholarships to veterans who have exhausted their VA benefits or need other financial assistance to help complete their educations

  4. Raise awareness for the veteran suicide epidemic and donate funds to other veteran suicide prevention charities.

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Zola wanted to create a better world for veterans, and in his memory, we aim to accomplish that.

Thomas K. Palozola

June 1985 - May 2017

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Our focus is to bring veterans together in the different phases of their lives. We understand the importance of building a support system, because the veteran community is a family; one that needs to come together and help each other.

Zola knew that. He wanted to stimulate the community and to create a better world for veterans. In his memory, we aim to accomplish that.

Looking to Help Out?

As we are in the beginning phases of our organization, we are relying heavily on individual donations to make our first outreach events and future fundraisers possible. Please donate and spread the word! Any amount helps!

If donating isn't your thing, there are other ways to make a difference.

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